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  • 美國當地小學教科書優選教材,教材編寫百分百符合美國小學課程綱要 (Common Core State Standard,簡稱CCSS),可讓台灣孩子與美國小學生同步學習。
  • 全套從Grade K 到 Grade 6 共分14個級數,每一級有不同單元主題,每單元皆搭配與主題相關的故事。 各式各樣跨學科內容,幫助拓展學習的視野領域。
  • 提供學習者一系列精確、連貫而共通的學習內容,培養學生高層次思維及問題解決能力。 讓學生能建構聽說讀寫的能力,以及深入分析的技巧。
  • 適合就讀美語國際班的學生,或曾於英美語系國家就讀者。


100%北美外教 / 每位老師均為大學以上學歷 / 嚴格考核、保証質量

  • Alyssa


    Hi I'm Alyssa! I am a student pursuing a degree in early childhood education living in Texas! I love working with kids and I excited to get to teach your child English!

  • Charis


    Hi, my name is Charis, and I am fromTexas. I volunteered teaching English as a second language to Syrian refugees here in the United States. That’s how I discovered that I love teaching English! I love to teach children, and I have also tutored adults. All of my life, I moved around to different countries—like Malaysia, England, Belgium, and the U.S., so I love meeting people from different cultures and learning new languages. Some of my favorite hobbies include spending time with family and friends, playing guitar, hiking in the woods, and cooking new recipes. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me, I’m excited to meet you!

  • Hector


    Hello, I am Hector. I have experienced teaching ESL to online and in-classroom students. I truly enjoy working with the students and staff! I believe that all students are capable of learning and I hope to make a difference in the lives of all my students. Some of the hobbies that I enjoy are reading, playing soccer, and hiking.

  • Ola


    My name is Ola and I am from Indiana. I am an economics major with a minor in International Studies. I have been tutoring students for 3 years now and it is something that I enjoy doing. I love working with the students and helping them improve their English skills.

  • Megan


    Hi! My name is Megan. I am from Texas, and I have a degree in Kinesiology. I love to travel and experience new cultures. I have been to India, Uganda, Egypt, and a few places in Europe as well! Some of my hobbies include working out, singing, playing guitar and reading. I look forward to working with students of all ages to help them achieve their goals!

  • Opemiposi


    I have always been interested in English, so much so that I am studying writing in school. Teaching English is based on my love of the language itself. All my students have taught me as much as I have taught them. Watching their progress in reading and understanding is always worth it because it leads to more free conversations. Teaching is always a worthwhile job and I can't wait to have more students.

  • Michelle


    HI, my name is Michelle. I am a freelance editor. I love working on improving a student's pronunciation, sentence structure, and reading comprehension skills through a fun approach to learning!I will ensure you get the best opportunity to express yourself passionately, employing the best pronunciation in your speaking and clarity in your writing.

  • Aaron


    Hello! My name is Aaron Johnston and I have over 10 years of teaching experience. I'm a Canadian and I've taught English in a few different cities in China. I enjoy watching my students improve and become fluent in English as a second language. Looking forward to helping students learn English online!

  • Taylor


    Hello my name is Taylor and I currently live in Indiana. I have been teaching online for 2 years. I enjoy teaching online because I love learning and experiencing new cultures. Come and sign in the class with me. I can teach you not only English but also American culture.

  • Ruth


    Hello, my name is Ruth. I am a mom with 2 children. One is in high school and another one is in college. I used to do homeschooling with my children. I have been teaching online for 1 year and I love it. I love helping people to learn English.I love and enjoy finding new ways to help students with any difficulties they have with the English language. I believe the best way to learn, is still to have fun.

  • Ariel


    Hi, I am Ariel and I am from Indiana. I had experience in learning Mandarin. I know how it feels like to learn a second language. I believe an enjoyable lesson will enhance your learning of English. I will do my best to make the lesson both enjoyable and educational.

  • Dajia


    Hey there! My name is Dajia and I’m from Fishers, Indiana. Learning a new language serves as a powerful tool to communicate with others, as it paves the way to new and exciting cultures. I’ve studied French for 2 years, German for 1 year, and am currently enrolled in Japanese. I love Japanese culture and work hard to become fluent! Teaching a language holds just as many rewards as learning one. Tutoring kids is such a fun and engaging experience. I’ve also had the opportunity to tutor adults. Ensuring that each student is encouraged, challenged, and receives equal treatment is something I stand by. With this method, I hope to build the student’s confidence and skills as we work together to have fun and successful lessons!

  • Kaitlyn


    Hi! My name is Kaitlyn ans I am currently studying International Relations and Asian Studies in Chicago, Illinois. I taught english for two years while living in Italy along with helping syrian refugees with their English homework. I am currently studying Mandarin as a part of my degree and I hope to become fluent. In this respect, I fully undestand the difficulties and challenges one faces while trying to learn a new language but I also know how happy and excited one is when they are able to communicate using that language, no matter how basic the conversation. I hope I can allow others to experience this feeling when learning english with me!

  • MeganNr


    Hello, my name is Megan and I am from Texas. I am studying political science and Mandarin Chinese. I have been teaching English and Chinese to students for 4 years and I love educating about language. I have studied in Taiwan and China, and I am passionate about traveling and learning. I enjoy working with kids and I hope that I can enhance your child’s ability to communicate in English and, more importantly, learn to love the English language.

  • Danielle


    Hi, there! My name Danielle and I am from St. Louis Missouri. I Study Communications and Media at University of Missouri St. Louis, and have one more year left before graduation. I love working with kids and helping them learn in a fun way. I alos love traveling, sports, fashion, food, and books.

  • James


    Hi, my name is James and I am from Texas. I study Construction Science in Texas A & M University. I like sports and I am very happy to help you learn English. I am excited to meet you online!